Hippo English Language Olympiad

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About my business

Hi! My name is Aranka Bárócz and I am an entrepreneur, a freedom speaker and English language lover. I truly believe that we are here on this planet to manifest happiness and to explore the world through which we all can grow. At a very young age I already have understood that speaking foreign languages gives us freedom to travel, to communicate, to read, to make friends, to work anywhere in the world, to explore and so many other opportunities.

The point of my business is to show students aged between 6 -19 that the ability of knowing or learning a foreign language in our case English can give them wings and can bring them many wonderful opportunities. Not to mention that they can always combine learning with fun. 

Knowing English language allows you to broaden your world starting with the ability to communicate with people from each country to job opportunities, or it can even make your trips more interesting – as you will be able to understand much more about what’s around you. 

Simply put, we must recognize that English is an international language, I would say that it is the main language of this planet. Then why not know it? Or know it better? Education and self-development are very important in order to widen your knowledge. It doesn’t just make our lives more fascinating and meaningful it improves the quality of it as well. 

Just think about our slogan – English without borders  – what truth does this sentence tell You?

Broaden your world by participating at our unique international English Language Olympiad


Four Teaching Points for schools:

  1. Let your students know that with English language they are at home anywhere
  2. Challenge your students to compete with other students from all around the world
  3. Encourage your students to speak English as this is a proof of bravery and encourage them to create and nourish friendly relations abroad
  4. Prove your students that speaking English opens doors for them


Four Teaching Points for students 

  1. Increase your confidence by testing your English skills on an international scale
  2. Boost your brain power and sharpen your mind by improving your English skills
  3. Give yourself the opportunity to a fun and easy way to practice English Language
  4. English is your language of travel


Four teaching points for parents:

  1. Give your child the opportunity to test his/her English language on an international level
  2. Research show that learning a second language boost problem-solving, critical thinking and listening skills, in addition to improving memory and concentration
  3. Children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility
  4. Children who compete will learn how to manage their time, how to manage their to do list and learn how to take optimal decisions

Payoff Statement

Therefore, we created the English Without Borders Olympiad. This is an international Olympiad which promotes English language, challenges students around the globe to compete in English language knowledge and improves the cooperation between teachers. The Olympiad encourages the development of a shared sense of identity and integration, serves as a role model for young people living together as one community. The main goal is to create and nourish friendly relations, international understanding, and a spirit of sporting competitiveness between young people interested in English language from all around the world. All these while increasing their confidence, improving their concentration and memory, boosting their problem-solving skills and creativity. 


Would you be one of the Accredited Venues from Romania, that will host this Olympiad and give the chance to your candidates to test their English skills on an international level?


Would you like to have some fun while testing your English Language Skills? Let’s find the closest venue to your place.


Would you encourage your child to participate in such a unique event, where he/she can develop him/herself in so many areas?

If you desire to be our partner in bringing this unique experience to our Romanian students directly in your schools and give them the chance to test their English on a worldwide level, then don’t hesitate to contact: hipporomania@gmail.com , Aranka Bárócz tel. 0740 16 86 36. 

Olympiad Regulations can be downloaded here

How to become an accredited Venue for hosting the Olympiad in your school?

  1. Fill in the Venue Approval form and send it back through email to the hipporomania@gmail.com address by 31 of December the latest.
  2. Appoint one teacher, who will be the Venue Coordinator – this is the person I will send all the news and feeds that are necessary for a smooth delivery of the Olympiad. Mention his/her name / email address and telephone number in the Venue Approval – where it is asked.
  3. Carefully read the Regulations document and please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything which is not so clear –
  4. Download and be familiar with how you will register your candidates on the SOA platform – separate doc that will be attached –

Help your students grow their wings and gain more confidence in speaking and understanding English in a joyful way, meanwhile rating your School on a worldwide level.


  • You get free access to downloadable modern English language test materials what you can use in your class anytime
  • You get free access to our periodically newsletters
  • You will be guided by the Official Romanian Representative about what you need to do at each step before each round


With our programme you, as a student

  • Will have free access to modern practice papers
  • Get discounted prices for Pearson tests, which are recognized by the Ministry of Education in Romania – and that can be recognized for the Baccalaureate
  • Get discounted prices for the US High School Dual Diploma Program
  • Will receive certificate of participation after each round you participate in
  • If you reach the finals, you and your accompanying teacher get three days, half – board accommodation FREE OF CHARGE at the Adriatic seaside in Italy.
  • If you reach the finals you will get an internationally recognized Gate House Awards English Language Certificate
  • Winners of each category will receive a Mizzou- K12 Online High School Course

With our programme you, as a teacher and venue coordinator:

  • Will encourage in a fun and easy way your students to develop their English language skills
  • Will have the opportunity to help your students to practice the skills of passing any exam in English
  • Will have access to modern and real exam tests regulated by Gate House Awards, which can be downloaded and used in class for preparation
  • Will receive Certificate of Appreciation – after each Olympiad round
  • Will receive a Venue Certificate with your School’s name on it
  • are also invited to Italy FREE OF CHARGE together with your finalists
  • will receive surprise prizes if you register the greatest number of candidates from Romania.

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